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Test Kitchen à La Carte Knife Set

Instead of wasting money on a set of mediocre knives (half of which you'll never use), you can create your own set of Test Kitchen all stars.

Published Nov. 1, 2011.

We have updated our Test Kitchen à la carte Knife Set to reflect our new favorite universal knife block (read updated review), our new favorite serrated knife (read updated review), our new favorite paring knife (read updated review), and our new favorite flexible boning knife (read updated review). We've also updated the information for our winning kitchen shears, which were previously available under both the Kershaw brand and the Shun brand. They are now available only as Shun.

What You Need To Know

This “all-star” set of test kitchen favorites (all best-in-class winners in past tests) fits neatly on our favorite universal knife block, designed to hold any variety of blades securely. Best of all, at about $440, this ideal collection costs less than many prepackaged knife block sets.

(For an even less expensive option, a seven-piece collection that includes Best Buys can be had for just $219.84. See related testing.)

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Reviews you can trust

Reviews you can trust

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