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Bowl Stabilizer

Having trouble keeping your mixing bowl stable when mixing or whisking ingredients? This useful gadget addresses that very problem.

What We Learned

The Staybowlizer ($24.95) solves the problem of mixing bowls that spin or rock on the counter by attaching the bowl to the work surface. This double-sided silicone gadget accommodates bowls from 6 to 21 inches in diameter. When it’s oriented for small bowls, applying gentle pressure to a bowl’s rim forms an impressive suction seal; flip it over and the cradle keeps larger bowls in place. The Staybowlizer kept bowls of all sizes fastened to a variety of counter surfaces, leaving our hands free to whisk oil into vinaigrette, beat eggs, and mix cookie dough. It also allowed us to set bowls at an angle (ideal for whisking) and functioned well in a double boiler. But the real test was when we beat egg whites with a hand mixer: The vessel rocked gently but never loosened. Best of all, it’s dishwasher-safe.