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Small Rimmed Baking Sheet Lid

Does this plastic cover do a better job than plastic wrap or aluminum foil at keeping foods fresh?


Published June 10, 2019.

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What You Need To Know

We love the rimmed baking sheet lid that fits on our recommended rimmed baking sheet, so we were curious to know if we could also recommend the smaller version, the Nordic Ware Storage Lid for Quarter Sheet, which is designed to fit our favorite small rimmed baking sheet, the Nordic Ware Naturals Quarter Sheet. The lid is made of clear, BPA-free plastic and costs about $8.

To test if it was easy to use, we attached and removed it numerous times from both new and used copies of our favorite small rimmed baking sheet. The lid was a breeze to snap on and off, and it was much more efficient to use than plastic wrap or aluminum foil, which require some fussing to secure in place. Plus, neither plastic nor foil is reusable.

To see if the lid could keep food fresher than plastic or foil, we filled three rimmed baking sheets with sliced eggplant, covered them—one with plastic, one with foil, and one with the lid—and refrigerated them. We also filled three baking sheets with sliced strawberries and bananas, covered them similarly, and froze them. After 24 hours, the eggplant stored on the lid-covered sheet looked fresher than the eggplant stored on the other two sheets; after two days, the fruit on the lid-covered sheet had significantly less freezer damage than the fruit on the sheets wrapped with plastic and foil.     

We also tested the sturdiness of the lid by positioning it on the sheet and stacking 10 pounds of food items on top, leaving the lid weighted overnight. While the lid did bow a bit, it wasn’t damaged and gradually snapped back into shape once the weighty items were removed. The lid was also easy to clean. After slathering on a mix of oil, mustard, and garlic, we washed the lid and found no evidence of staining.

We did have one minor complaint. The lid is equipped with two tabs on its shorter ends that fasten below the baking sheet’s rim and secure the lid to the sheet. We wish that the lid had four latches, as it felt a bit unstable at times. However, it was still sturdy enough to keep food fresh and prevent any food from spilling out of the sheet.

If you own our favorite small rimmed baking sheet, we recommend this inexpensive accessory.

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