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10-Inch Nonstick Skillets

We love the 8- and 12-inch OXO nonstick skillets. Is the 10-inch version also worth buying?

What We Learned

A medium-size nonstick skillet (about 10 inches in diameter from rim to rim) is a useful pan; we often use one to cook a couple of eggs, steaks, or fish fillets, as well as smaller portions of stir-fries, sautéed vegetables, and more. OXO, the manufacturer of our winning 8- and 12-inch nonstick skillets, makes the same pan in a 10-inch size: the OXO Good Grips Non-Stick Pro 10-inch Open Frypan (about $40). We wondered if we could recommend this medium-size version as well.

To find out, we used it to fry eggs, make a frittata, toast walnuts, sear steak, caramelize onions, brown butter, make stir-fry, and sauté fish. We also put the pan through a series of durability tests, scrubbing the pan after each test, banging it against a concrete ledge three times, and heating it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and plunging it into ice water. 

The pan impressed us in almost every respect, with a notably durable and slick nonstick coating; broad cooking surface; and low, gently flared sides that made it easy to maneuver the food inside. The metal handle was comfortable and secure in our palms and stayed cool so that we didn’t burn our hands. As with the smaller and larger versions of this pan, the surface scratched when we cut the frittata in it, and the base dented lightly when whacked against a concrete ledge. But these are minor complaints; you really shouldn’t use a knife in a nonstick skillet, and the concrete ledge is an extreme durability test designed to mimic years of use. Nonstick coatings are fallible even when well cared for, so the life expectancy of a nonstick pan is shorter than other pans—typically only two to three years. Like its siblings, this pan impressed us and earned a spot in our kitchen.