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The Best Sponge Holders

A device that keeps kitchen sponges handy—and off the sink bottom—means easier, safer cleanup every day.


Published Feb. 17, 2022. Appears in America's Test Kitchen TV Season 23: Eggs Around the World

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What You Need To Know

We tested kitchen sponge holders made in a variety of designs, seeking models that were simple to attach to the sink and could easily fit a typical kitchen sponge. They should take up minimal space and stay anchored even if struck by pans or hands while the sink is in use. Plus, they should allow excellent air circulation to help sponges dry out as much as possible between uses, which helps thwart bacterial growth and extend the sponges’ usable life. 

Our favorite sponge holder, the SunnyPoint NeverRust Kitchen Sink Suction Holder, met all our requirements. With a pair of large suction cups, it attached securely to our sinks, and it offered plenty of space to hold our winning sponge while its open, cage-like design helped the sponge stay dry and fresh. 

What You Need to Know

Kitchen sponge holders solve a basic problem: They keep your sponge handy in a place where it can drain and dry between uses. When we tested kitchen sponges, we learned that they are more sanitary when rinsed, squeezed out, and left to air-dry—and are most prone to growing harmful bacteria when they’re (all too commonly) left to sit in the bottom of the sink, still wet and covered with bits of food. We focused on models wide enough to fit our favorite kitchen sponge, the O-Cedar Scrunge Multi-Use Scrubber Sponge, which is 1 inch thick, a bit thicker than many typical kitchen sponges. We knew that if the O-Cedar sponge fit, standard sponges would fit, too.

What to Look For

  • Large Opening: Even though it took only seconds longer to slide a sponge into a snug holder, we appreciated the models with bigger, wider openings that allowed us to quickly toss the sponge in the right direction and be sure that it would fall into the basket.
  • Secure Attachment: While manufacturers used many mechanisms to attach the sponge holders to sinks—including suction cups, clamps, loops, and support bars—alone or in combination, not all worked equally well. Our winner’s simple, large suction cups were surprisingly successful. 
  • Versatility: We appreciated sponge holders that could be affixed anywhere in the sink; some models required specific setups, such as dangling from the faucet. 
  • Open, Airy Shape: When we wetted identical sponges with an equal amount of water and placed them in holders for 10 hours, weighing them before and after (and repeating this test three times), it was clear that some holders trapped water in the sponges, while others encouraged good drainage and air circulation that helped sponges dry. The best models had minimalistic, open designs—and their sponges were always drier. These holders were also easier to keep clean. 

Nice to Have

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Lisa McManus

Lisa is an executive editor for ATK Reviews, cohost of Gear Heads on YouTube, and gadget expert on TV's America's Test Kitchen.