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The Best Air Fryer Liners

These liners are meant to make air-fryer cleanup simpler, but only some are worth the hype.


Published Aug. 17, 2022.

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What You Need To Know

Air-fryer liners are designed to protect air-fryer baskets from cooked-on messes by containing grease and crumbs, thereby reducing the need for heavy cleaning. Most models we tested performed poorly, but we had success with the Loveuing 9.1-inch Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liners and the Infraovens Air Fryer Silicone Mat and Reusable Liners Set. Our favorite sets of liners—one parchment and one silicone—were lightweight and had low sides, which allowed heat to circulate around the food without extending cooking times. The liners contained grease and sticky glaze so well that we usually didn’t have to clean our air-fryer baskets at all. 

What You Need to Know

We like our winning air fryer, the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer, in part because its nonstick basket and cooking tray are so easy to clean. However, we call for foil slings or parchment in some of our air-fryer recipes for easy food removal. But the recent explosion in popularity of premade air-fryer liners made us wonder: Would these liners make cleanup quicker and offer a more sustainable solution for eliminating scrubbing?

Air-fryer liners are made from either parchment or silicone. Parchment liners are disposable, whereas silicone models are reusable and generally dishwasher-safe. We tested both types, focusing on those whose size was most compatible with our winning air fryer. Regardless of material, some liners had holes or gaps meant to promote airflow, while others didn’t. Some models were flat, and others were shaped like pie plates or square baking dishes, with sides meant to contain food and grease. The surfaces of a few of the silicone models were lined with raised ridges or spikes designed to allow air to flow under food and ensure even cooking. 

Most models we tested didn’t work very well, but a couple liners excelled and completely eliminated the need for cleaning after cooking. And many air-fryer baskets aren’t dishwasher-safe, so simply tossing a silicone liner in the dishwasher or a paper liner in the trash can be a relief after a long stint in the kitchen.

What to Look For

  • Solid, Nonperforated Liners: One advantage of air frying is that hot air circulates around food, crisping it on all sides. The surfaces of some of the liners we tested had holes designed to promote this process, but these liners didn’t catch grease or crumbs very well. They were essentially useless at preventing messes, and we ended up having to clean our air-fryer baskets just as much as we did when we didn’t use the liners.  
  • Parchment or Thin Silicone: When it came to material, the thinner the better. Parchment was ideal because it has relatively high heat...

Everything We Tested

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