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The Best Sporks and Travel Utensil Sets

A great spork or portable travel utensil set makes eating in the great outdoors or on the go easier and more sustainable. Which one is best?


Published Aug. 30, 2022.

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What You Need To Know

We tested travel utensil sets and sporks and found some standout options. The ultralight and compact Full Windsor Magware Magnetic Camping Utensils Set includes a magnetic fork, knife, and spoon with a case and is our favorite set. The UCO Switch Spork includes a knife and spoon combo that nests together with a separate fork. It’s our Best Buy. For backpackers looking for the lightest, most streamlined single-piece utensil, we recommend the Light My Fire Spork Titanium.

What You Need to Know

Campers and backpackers often eat with travel utensils, but even if you’re not outdoorsy, they’re convenient to pop in your bag (as you might a travel straw or travel mug) to minimize your use of single-use plastics. Luckily, there are a wide variety of travel utensils on the market if you’re looking for a durable and environmentally friendly option. 

There are two broad categories: three-piece sets and sporks. The sets include the typical fork, knife, and spoon in a case or held together by carabiner or lanyard. Minimalist campers and backpackers who prioritize packing light and are eating only simple dishes like instant oatmeal might opt for a single-piece, multipurpose spork (a portmanteau of spoon and fork). Some sporks also have a serrated edge to include knife functionality. 

We tested a range of both travel utensil sets and sporks and found some superb products, depending on your needs. Here’s what we learned set the best apart from the rest. 

What to Look For

  • Lightweight, Compact Design: Whether you’re backpacking or just want to carry the absolute minimum, we recommend opting for a lightweight set or spork. When carried on a walk in a backpack or tote bag, our winners added negligible weight and didn’t take up too much space.
  • Wide Handles with Rounded Edges: The best utensils had handles that were wide enough for a good grip with smooth edges that didn’t dig into our hands. 
  • Well-Balanced Spoons with Good-Sized Bowls: Some spoons were top-heavy and easily tipped forward when held. A well-balanced spoon allowed us to sip brothy chicken noodle soup without losing a drop. Spoons with bowls that were sufficiently deep and broad made it easy and efficient to eat soup and ice cream.
  • Sharp Serrated Knife: We wanted a serrated knife that could cut through foods as easily as our steak knives at home. No one wants to be sawing at a steak for ages, and the best knives were able to cut off a bite of steak in just a few seconds. If you’re already bringing a multitool or pocket knife, you don’t need to rely on your spork or utensil set to cut foods, so a simple spork without serrations might be sufficient.
  • Thin Fork Tines: ...

Everything We Tested

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