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Slicing KnivesFromBiting into the Big Easy
Want perfect slices at your holiday table? Lose the chef’s knife.
Steak KnivesFromDinner on a Dime
Which set of steak knives can really cut it?
Serrated Paring KnivesFromSaucing Up Chicken and Roasting Mushrooms
We put the serrated equivalents of our favorite paring knives to the test.
Grapefruit KnivesFromDinner in Cuba
Grapefruit knives are designed to section the pulp by hugging the walls and membranes of the fruit as you cut. We put five...
Chef’s Knives for KidsFromSpa Cuisine Gets a Makeover
We tested three different knife solutions that are both safe and age-appropriate for aspiring chefs.
Carbon-Steel KnivesFromRoast Chicken and Potatoes Revisited
Carbon-steel enthusiasts have long considered these knives sharper and more durable than stainless. But do they really per...
Chef's KnivesFromGrilled and Glazed
One chef’s knife has been a champ in our kitchen for nearly two decades. Can any other blade come close to offering what i...
Vegetable CleaversFromSimple & Satisfying Vegetable Mains
It won't replace your all-purpose Western chef's knife, but if you chop a lot of vegetables, this may be your new go-to kn...
Knife Block SetsFromMeat and Potatoes à la Francaise
Nine pieces of matching cutlery, plus a block for easy storage? It could be a bargain—or a rip off.
Kitchen ShearsFromChicken for Everyone!
Sharp, comfortable shears are a kitchen essential. But do you need to spend $75 for a good pair?
Paring KnivesFromSweet Summer Endings
Is it worth shelling out the bucks for forged German steel, or can a $5 blade make the cut?
Electric KnivesFromUltimate Ham Dinner
Electric knives might seem like relics of the 1960s, but we wanted to see if these knives had any place in the modern kit...
Chef's Knives, Hybrid-StyleFromThanksgiving Turkey
In Europe, the chef's knife is a sturdy tool that can chop and slice anything. In Japan it's a thin, light precision instr...
Boning KnivesFromChicken and Rice—Indian-Style
When it comes delicate tasks like trimming silver skin from tenderloins or removing the breast from a whole bird, a bonin...
Chef's Knives, Innovative
In search of an improved mousetrap, we tested seven knives with innovative designs.
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