Equipment Reviews

Pie CarriersFromSummer Dinner Party
Traveling with a delicate pie can feel like tempting fate, but a good pie carrier can make the task easier and more secure.
Canning Jar LiftersFromCanning Classics
Canning jar lifters are essential for home canning. To find the very best one, we tested four nationally available models,...
Manual Citrus JuicersFromItalian Chicken
The Amco Houseworks Lemon Squeezer has long been our favorite manual citrus juicer. But when we started replacing kitchen ...
Offset SpatulasFromBaked Alaska Showstopper
We tested six offset spatulas by slathering dozens of jelly rolls and layer cakes with heavy cream cheese frosting, glossy...
Digital Kitchen ScalesFromRefreshing Desserts
No matter what you’re cooking or baking, weighing the ingredients helps guarantee perfect results. But only if your scale ...
Spider SkimmersFromKorean Feast
A bad skimmer can turn even the most patient cook into a basket case.
Manual Spice GrindersFromTwo Modern Stews
We tested six spice grinders by grinding measured amounts of cumin seeds at the finest and coarsest settings and then grin...
Mason Jar AdaptersFromTwo Modern Stews
Mason jars make great food-storage containers, but the traditional lid offers limited functionality. We tested two product...
Potato MashersFromTwo Modern Stews
What makes a great potato masher?
Salad Dressing ShakersFromTwo Modern Stews
We tested seven salad dressing shakers to see if we could find one worth buying.
Pizza CuttersFromBig Family Breakfast
The Kindest Cut: We tested 15 pizza cutters to find the best.
Cake StandsFromSweet Indulgences
What Makes a Great Cake Stand?
Cold Brew Coffee MakersFromRevolutionizing Classic Fruit Desserts
We tested 7 cold brewing products, as well as our DIY method, using our favorite medium-roast coffee.
GrillbotFromGrilled Chicken and Salad with a Kick
Could a robotic grill cleaner be the answer to your grill-cleaning woes?
Remote ThermometersFromGrilled Chicken and Salad with a Kick
Remote thermometers allow you to monitor, from a distance, the temperature of food cooking on the grill, the stovetop, or ...
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