Equipment Reviews

Fat Separators
We tested six 4-cup fat separators made of glass or plastic, ranging in price from $11.99 to $33.95.
Potato Mashers
What makes a great potato masher?
Digital Kitchen ScalesFromLunchtime Specials
No matter what you’re cooking or baking, weighing the ingredients helps guarantee perfect results. But only if your scale ...
Kitchen Timers
Timing is everything—don’t use just anything.
Spiral vegetable cutters, or spiralizers, cut fruits and vegetables into long noodles and ribbons for “pastas,” salads, an...
Manual Citrus JuicersFromSensational Skillet Recipes
The Amco Houseworks Lemon Squeezer has long been our favorite manual citrus juicer. But when we started replacing kitchen ...
Instant-Read Thermometers
The test kitchen's favorite instant-read thermometer gets an upgrade
Cake StandsFromSweet Indulgences
What Makes a Great Cake Stand?
Oven ThermometersFromA Slow and Easy Thanksgiving
An oven thermometer is the only reliable way to know what’s happening inside your oven—unless you have a model that’s inac...
Jar OpenersFromPork Kebabs and Steaks Hit the Grill
We tested seven jar openers and tested them on jars of all shapes, sizes, and materials to find the best all around pick.
Insulated Shopping TotesFromPass the Pasta
We tested six insulated shopping totes in order to find an easy-to-carry tote that could keep our groceries at a food-safe...
Cold Brew Coffee MakersFromRevolutionizing Classic Fruit Desserts
We tested 7 cold brewing products, as well as our DIY method, using our favorite medium-roast coffee.
GrillbotFromGrilled Chicken and Salad with a Kick
Could a robotic grill cleaner be the answer to your grill-cleaning woes?
Knife SharpenersFromServing Up Noodles and Rice
What if you could buy a sharpener that not only repaired the new breed of ultrathin chef’s knives but also honed the wider...
Remote ThermometersFromGrilled Chicken and Salad with a Kick
Remote thermometers allow you to monitor, from a distance, the temperature of food cooking on the grill, the stovetop, or ...
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