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Onboard Holland America Line

Flavors of the Mediterranean

We demystified olive oil - from the way it’s made and graded to the things you should look for when you buy and store it. We showed you how the right combination of sautéed garlic and raw garlic gave us the best flavor punch in our Pasta with Garlic and Oil. You also learned the secret to our foolproof vinaigrette and picked up tips for a quick and easy olive pesto.

Download the handout we used for this course onboard your Holland America cruise [PDF].

Recipe Cards

Bruschetta with Black Olive Pesto, Ricotta, and Basil

There’s a whole lot more to bruschetta than chopped tomatoes and basil. We wanted smart flavor combinations that didn’t require a bib.


Pasta with Garlic and Oil

For the best spaghetti with garlic and oil recipe, we found that a combination of cooked and raw garlic made our dish shout with flavor.


Foolproof Vinaigrette

Basic vinaigrette has a fundamental problem: It doesn’t stay together. We found a way to make oil and vinegar form a long-term bond.