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Onboard Holland America Line

Homemade Pasta

You’ll never look at dried pasta the same way again. After learning to make fresh pasta in a food processor, you saw how a pasta roller shapes wide, even sheets of pasta. Then we taught you the secrets to making tender ravioli and tortellini with our wild mushroom filling and a simple but impressive Brown Butter and Pine Nut Sauce.

Download the handout we used for this course onboard your Holland America cruise [PDF].

Recipe Cards

Master Recipe for Pasta Dough

We found that the food processor kneaded our simple pasta dough almost to perfection; kneading the dough by hand for an additional minute or two makes it silky and smooth.


Fresh Pasta without a Machine

For a pasta dough that could be easily rolled out by hand (but still cook up into delicate, springy noodles), we added six extra egg yolks and a couple tablespoons of olive oil.



Wild Mushroom Filling and Brown Butter and Pine Nut Sauce

This earthy pasta filling pairs wonderfully with a delicate pine nut sauce.