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Onboard Holland America Line

Salad for Dinner

In addition to learning the best way to help your dressing cling to greens (hint: make sure they’re super dry), you learned how to measure greens and pick the right ones for your salad. We showed you how to cook chicken for two knockout main course salads. Then we taught you the secret to crunchy, chewy croutons in our Chicken Caesar and the best way to dress and compose ingredients for a photo-worthy Cobb Salad.

Download the handout we used for this course onboard your Holland America cruise [PDF].

Recipe Cards

Classic Cobb Salad

We used a traditional dressing in an untraditional way to improve the flavors in our Cobb salad recipe, dressing each ingredient separately before arranging them together on a platter to ensure that the entire salad was perfectly seasoned.


Caesar Salad with Chicken

In developing our chicken Caesar salad recipe, we wanted to keep the ingredients simple: crisp pieces of romaine cloaked with a rich dressing made from such unlikely partners as egg, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and Parmesan cheese.