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Cook It In Cast Iron

The Best Cast-Iron Equipment:

Cast Iron Personality Test

What Kind of Cast-Iron Skillet Should You Buy?

Once you’ve decided to buy a cast-iron skillet, there are some other choices you’ll face.

One of the biggest questions is whether you want a traditional skillet (the classic black kind that you probably picture when you hear the words “cast-iron skillet”) or an enameled skillet. Take the quiz below to figure out which cast-iron option best fits you and your kitchen, and then check out our cast-iron skillets review (which includes both traditional and enameled) to see which models we recommend.

When it comes to price
I don’t mind spending more for extra features.
B I’m a thrifty shopper and I love a bargain above all.

If I’m washing something
 I feel like long soaking times and using plenty of soap are the only ways to get it totally clean.
I think that hot water and scrubbing are enough, so I’m OK with using little-to-no soap and no soaking.

If my pans could talk
They’d probably be pretty happy—I’m fairly careful with my things.
They might complain a little—I’m kind of tough on them!

My kitchen style could be summed up as
I’m always interested in trying the newest thing and I tend to collect gadgets.
I try to keep my collection pretty minimalist; if it’s not broken, I don’t fix it.

My patience level for a pan that needs some work is
I’d rather have something that performs consistently right out of the box.
I’m willing to put in some extra effort for something I really like, as long as it’s going to pay off  in the end.

I want my cast-iron skillet to be
A specialty tool I use for recipes that really benefit from its singular characteristics.
B Basically a complete replacement for my nonstick skillet whenever possible.


Pixley Peach Pour Over Cake

If You Picked Mostly Option A

Try one of the newer enameled cast-iron skillets. You’ll pay a slightly higher price, but seasoning is never an issue and cleanup is much more straightforward. Plus, you can color coordinate! Our recommended 12-inch enameled skillets range from $50 to $180.

The Best Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet

Highly Recommended Le Creuset Signature 11 3/4" Iron Handle Skillet

With flaring sides, an oversize helper handle, wide pour spouts, a satiny interior, and balanced weight, this expensive but beautifully made pan is a pleasure to cook in


If You Picked Mostly Option B

Stick with a traditional skillet. They’re hardy, inexpensive, and long-lasting, with just a few simple rules to follow about care and maintenance to keep them in perfect working order. Our favorite 12-inch traditional skillet costs around $30 and lasts a lifetime—or longer.

The Best Traditional Cast-Iron Skillet

Highly Recommended Lodge Classic Cast Iron Skillet, 12"

An excellent pan, at an excellent price, that you’ll never have to replace.