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Cook It In Cast Iron

Other Cast Iron Favorites and Accessories

Expand Your Cast-Iron Collection

We’ve gathered our favorite cast-iron products—beyond the skillet.

When we're not cooking in the test kitchen, we're testing ingredients and equipment that you use at home. We've reviewed many cast-iron products over the years. Here are our favorites that withstood the test kitchen treatment to earn a place in our kitchen.

Top-Rated Cast-Iron Equipment

  • Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

    Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

    Since it absorbs and maintains heat so well, cast iron is the ideal material for creating good pizza crust, which requires searingly hot temperatures. While a baking stone takes an hour to reach 500 degrees, this pan by Lodge was ready after a mere 30 minutes and retained the heat as we baked four pizzas in a row. Pizza baked up perfectly and the pan’s looped handles made it easy to move in and out of the oven. [Buy on Amazon]

  • Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgian Waffler

    Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Stovetop Belgian Waffler

    This waffle iron was ready to use out of the box, heated up evenly and quickly, and made golden brown, crisp waffles that released easily. Easy-to-follow instructions and thin, flat handles facilitated perfect waffle-making on electric stoves. A quick scrub and rinse was all that was needed to clean the nonstick metal. [Buy on Amazon | Read Our Review]

  • Imusa Tortilla Press

    Imusa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

    This product is lighter and more compact than a heavy wooden tortilladora but still has sufficient heft to make pressing easy. The handle arrives detached, so there is some assembly required (though the instructions are clear and easy to follow). At first, the handle was a bit stiff, but it loosened with use, and the ample surface area kept dough from squeezing out the sides. [Buy on Amazon | Read Our Review]

  • Lodge Tempered Glass Cover

    Lodge 12-inch Tempered Glass Cover

    This lightweight lid helped produce nicely browned onions and evenly cooked eggs, and it was much easier to lift and clean than the heavy cast-iron lid. It contained moisture and messes, and its glass material allowed users to get a good sense of how their food was cooking. [Buy on Amazon]

  • Knapp Made Small Ring CM Scrubber

    Knapp Made Small Ring CM Scrubber

    The Small Ring Scrubber effortlessly removed cooked-on bacon and hamburger from cast iron and lasagna from our 13 by 9-inch baking dish. This scrubber’s larger size allowed it to cover more area efficiently, and we especially appreciated its fine rings, which scoured narrow grill pan grooves with ease. The smaller rings did, however, make this scrubber harder to clean. We don’t recommend using either scrubber on enamelware or stainless steel. [Buy on Amazon]

  • OXO Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder with Magnet

    OXO Good Grips Silicone Pot Holder with Magnet

    Whatever we were maneuvering—including a screaming-hot skillet—we always felt safe and confident using this potholder. It had cotton for flexibility and comfort and grippy, high-heat silicone for protection. At 10 by 8 inches, it was big enough for full coverage but also nimble, thanks to a pocket that allowed testers to precisely pinch thin baking sheet rims and to rotate cake pans with ease. [Buy on Amazon]

  • OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Tongs (Nylon Tips)

    OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Tongs (Nylon Tips)

    This is the cast iron-friendly version of our all-time favorite kitchen tongs by OXO, boasting the same locking feature and comparable ease of control. The nylon tips are safe to use on any nonstick surface and won't damage the seasoning on your cast-iron skillet. [Buy on Amazon | Read Our Review]

Kits for Cooks

Cast Iron Kit

Want five of our favorite cast iron products for less? Our exclusive cast iron kit includes the test kitchen’s best cast­ iron recipes and the actual equipment we use to prepare them.