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Gluten-Free Basics & Beyond

Chapter 2

GF Ingredient List

Stocking the Gluten-Free Pantry

If you're serious about gluten-free cooking, these are the ingredients you'll want in your kitchen.

These sections feature must­-have flours and starches, as well as other helpful ingredients—such as leaveners and binders, grains and seeds, and rice and gluten­-free pasta—that are essential when preparing gluten­-free baked goods and savory foods.

Many of the ingredients listed on these pages are sold in all supermarkets. Other items (like rice flour and teff flour) are sold in natural foods stores and well­-stocked supermarkets, or you can buy them online directly from manufacturers or on Amazon. Bob’s Red Mill makes many of the flours and starches listed here, and is the brand we stock in the test kitchen.