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New Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen

Nutritious Delicious


A simple approach to amping up the nutrition in our cooking, Nutritious Delicious showcases 50 everyday superfoods and uses them as the springboard for building more nutrient-packed versions of the dishes we love.

Beet-Barley Risotto
Sweet Potato Poblano and Black Bean Tacos
Pepita, Goji Berry, and Mexican Chocolate Bark

Who isn’t drawn to making healthier choices in the foods we eat, whether opting for dark leafy greens or whole grains? But cooking with these foods can leave us feeling like we must choose between eating healthy and eating what we want. In Nutritious Delicious, America’s Test Kitchen digs deeper into how to use nature’s powerhouse ingredients to update the nutritional framework of our favorite dishes, rigorously testing recipes with an eye to getting great flavor while minimizing reliance on saturated fats, refined grains, and added sugar. The resulting collection of recipes, such as Pulled BBQ Turkey with Purple Cabbage Slaw, Roasted Spiralized Sweet Potatoes with Walnuts and Feta, and Beet-Chocolate Cupcakes, represents a new way to think about ingredients that everyone can relate to. We learned that yogurt makes a nice base for dressings and frostings, the oven does a great job of making super-crisp chips out of thinly-sliced vegetables, and it’s possible to make a delicious pizza crust out of pureed cauliflower—all in an effort to crowd out less nutritious ingredients and highlight the ones that pack the healthiest punch.

Kale Cobb Salad
Chocolate-Beet Cupcakes
Stuffed Baked Sweet Potatoes

With guidance from a registered dietitian nutritionist, we selected 50 superfood ingredients, each with its own unique nutritional profile. A well-researched, thorough introductory section spotlights these ingredients one by one so you can read about what makes them so good for you, highlighting both chief nutrients and long-term health benefits associated with them, and how best to prepare them. From berries to oats to salmon, these ingredients have plenty of culinary potential, and the recipes use them in significant ways.

The book is organized by meal in order to give people the tools to eat better all day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, followed by snacks and desserts. Each recipe page provides nutritional information, as well as an “excellent source” feature that points out essential nutrients that are 20% or more of the recommended daily value per serving.

US $29.99 / $35.95 CAN
336 pages • Paperback • Four-color throughout
ISBN 978-1-945256-11-0


Supercharged Recipes Nutritious Delicious

A simple approach to amping up the nutrition in our cooking, Nutritious Delicious focuses on 50 everyday superfoods among vegetables and fruit, grains, and proteins, and uses them as the basis for building more nutrient-packed versions of the dishes we love for every meal of the day.