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Review by Publishers Weekly

The editors and chefs at America’s Test Kitchen continue their quest for the best and most flavorful recipe in this curated collection of over 100 dishes that can be prepared in a single vessel. Many, such as pulled pork, lasagna, paella, and beef stew, are no-brainers and are included here, but the team offers much more in terms of variety and flavor, such as a pork tamale pie prepared in a skillet; chicken leg quarters with cauliflower and shallots roasted on a sheet pan; and Korean-style beef short ribs with bok choy in a Dutch oven. Many come together fairly quickly and with a minimum of fuss, but a handful require some planning. The hearty Peruvian roast chicken with Swiss chard and sweet potatoes, for example, takes close to three hours to prepare, and Spanish chicken and saffron stew can take up to five hours in a slow cooker. Regardless, devotees are sure to appreciate ATK’s fiendish dedication to flavor, and will be rewarded with the final result. Dishes are organized according to cooking vessel (Dutch oven, sheet pan, etc), allowing readers to skip to their preferred method quickly and easily. As always, the book is peppered with small but useful tips to ensure consistency and flavor: blooming herbs in butter to boost flavor; how to trim a flank steak for tacos; grating garlic and ginger instead of chopping, etc. It’s a solid collection harried gourmands are sure to appreciate.

—Publishers Weekly, November 2016

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