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One-pan recipes make some pretty big promises. From “dump and stir” to “set it and forget it,” this branch of home cookery promises meals that minimize effort and yield unbelievable results. Here in the test kitchen, we saw one-pan recipes as the ultimate challenge. After all, what’s the point of serving a whole meal from a single vessel if it doesn’t taste good? And why confine yourself to one pan if it makes a recipe harder than it was in the first place? So, with a clear goal in mind, we set out to streamline our favorite dishes (and think up a host of new ones) for an inspiring range of satisfying meals—from speedy stir-fries to slow-cooked roasts—without shortchanging flavor, texture, or overall impact.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Loin with Red Potatoes
Chicken in a Pot
Huevos Rancheros

During recipe development, we took “one-pan” quite literally. Each chapter centers on a different vessel to show the range of its possibilities, and aside from using a few mixing bowls, a food processor, or, in one case, a second sheet pan for a layer of insulation, these meals are truly single-pan. While you may want to serve a salad or loaf of bread alongside some of these dishes, the majority of the recipes in this book are self-contained meals that will please everyone at the table.

To reduce hands-on time, we cut out excess steps where we could, and discovered new ways to bring old favorites to the table. Take our Modern Beef Pot Pie: Where once you had to roll out a pie crust, we top off our meaty filling with slices of Parmesan-crusted bread (it doesn’t hurt that it’s a visual stunner to boot). Or check out our Easy Baked Mac and Cheese: We make passing up the blue box painless, with pasta that cooks right in its sauce and uses pantry standbys to produce a supremely cheesy treat right in a casserole dish.

Turkey Sausage and Kale Savory Bread Pudding
Eggplant and Sweet Potato Vegetable Curry
Roasted Chicken Breasts with Fingerling Potatoes

When it came to selecting vessels, we looked for new ways to use the pots and pans we rely on every day, always trying to capitalize on each vessel’s strengths. For instance, we deployed the wide surface area and sturdy build of our favorite sheet pan to brown both steak and veggies for fajitas, and turned to the high-sided, tight-sealing Dutch oven for clams that warm through on a bed of Israeli couscous. (We share plenty of useful tricks and our expert equipment picks—selected after rigorously testing the top models on the market—at the start of each chapter.)

After simmering, sautéing, broiling, and roasting hundreds of meals, we’ve come up with a collection of recipes that deserve a place in your regular dinner rotation. Whether you’re looking for a cheesy, bubbling lasagna for a busy Tuesday night or a smoky-sweet bacon-wrapped pork loin for a special gathering, this book delivers modern, streamlined meals you’ll want to make seven days a week.

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What's more appealing than a hearty meal prepared using just one cooking vessel? This modern collection of 138 recipes takes the fuss out of making dinner, any day of the week.