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The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook


Getting dinner on the table every night of the week is a challenge for most home cooks. Countless books have tried to address the problem with fast recipes, but they’re not always the best solution, and certainly not the only lane to a good dinner. While fast recipes have their place, you may still find yourself prepping ingredients and monitoring a skillet for 45 minutes on a night when you just don’t have the time. Enter The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook. It presents the canon of American home cooking from the make-ahead perspective: more than 500 versatile, fresh recipes from appetizers to desserts plus an entire chapter devoted to the holidays, the Super Bowl of stressful cooking. Even experienced cooks have questions when it comes to making recipes in advance, and our test cooks provide all the answers.

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No Guesswork. No Mistakes. The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook

The first all-purpose make-ahead cookbook packed with 500 fresh recipes re-engineered by the test kitchen to work around your busy schedule. They’re all here, from party-ready appetizers to healthy salads to easy one-dish meals to company worthy roasts and desserts. And every recipe can be made straight through, too.