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So how will this book help you get dinner on the table more easily? First, we spell out the time required to make each recipe so you know how much hands-on active time is needed to make a recipe and also how much total time is ultimately involved. (Recipes with 30 minutes or less of active time are tagged as Easy.) A Freeze It icon indicates which recipes are ideal for that purpose. The rest is really up to you and what sort of cook you are. Are you willing to make a big batch of stew on Sunday so some can go in the freezer, meaning dinner is solved for multiple nights now and in the future? Or would you rather spend just a few minutes the night before to ensure an easy dinner the following night by applying a spice-rub to flank steak to give it flavor (it requires only a quick sear to finish) and making a fresh corn and bean salad ahead in just 15 minutes to go with it? There are many options across the book for easy prep-ahead meals such as this that give you a serious jump start on dinner the next night, as well as recipes you can fully assemble and then simply store—ready to be baked when you walk in the door. Comforting casseroles are here too, along with one-dish meals, fresh main-course salads, and numerous sides and desserts that can all be made in advance.

Make-Ahead Twice-Baked Potatoes
Make-Ahead Kale Salad
Make-Ahead Cranberry-Apple Crisp

When it comes to entertaining, one of the hardest things is plotting out, with confidence, what you can make in advance so on the day of the party everything isn’t left to the last minute. There are many company-worthy recipes throughout the book along with holiday recipes; once you plan your menu, you can use the make-ahead boxes accompanying each recipe to organize your game plan. You’ll no longer worry that your stuffed mushrooms will be soggy or your fruit cobbler lackluster come serving time. Plus, inventive recipes like make-ahead Turkey Gravy or Tiramisù that you can freeze will be your aces in the hole.

Make-Ahead Sicilian-Style Braised Halibut
Make-Ahead Roast Beef Tenderloin
Make-Ahead One-Pan Roast Chicken with Butternut Squash and Kale

This book is your ticket to a lifetime of easier meal planning, make-ahead cooking, and entertaining. It’s not a prescription for cooking for the freezer or cooking ahead on weekends. It helps you do the type of make-ahead cooking you want to do and are willing to do. There is no need to buy dozens of Tupperware containers and embark on a cooking marathon. Simply browse through the hundreds of options across the book and start planning and cooking. Follow the tips and strategies laid out in this book to become a more organized and efficient make-ahead cook.

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ISBN: 978-1-940352-88-6
$29.95, 422 pages, four-color throughout

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No Guesswork. No Mistakes. The Complete Make-Ahead Cookbook

The first all-purpose make-ahead cookbook packed with 500 fresh recipes re-engineered by the test kitchen to work around your busy schedule. They’re all here, from party-ready appetizers to healthy salads to easy one-dish meals to company worthy roasts and desserts. And every recipe can be made straight through, too.