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“Texture? What does THAT have to do with cooking?” A whole lot, it turns out. What you think of food’s flavor involves way more than just the tastebuds in your mouth—it’s actually a combination of all your senses. And the feeling—the texture—of food is very important. Think about the textures you love to eat: creamy, crunchy, slimy, gooey, chewy, fizzy, crackly.

Try some different kid-tested and kid-approved recipes with VERY different textures. Explore how texture can change your perception of flavor through a science experiment that involves making salsa (yum!) with two different textures. And discover the difference between crispy and crunchy textures using chips and crackers, a kitchen scale, and your ears. This Make It Your Way Challenge is all about combining different textures in food. Don’t be afraid to get weird!

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