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“Texture? What does THAT have to do with cooking?” A whole lot, it turns out. What you think of food’s flavor involves way more than just the tastebuds in your mouth—it’s actually a combination of all your senses. And the feeling—the texture—of food is very important. This edition of the Young Chefs' Club is all about food texture. Make Chewy Lemonade Fruit Snacks, and try a few kitchen science experiments to learn more about food texture: The Battle of Crispy versus Crunchy, Testing (and Tasting!) Texture, and Hear the Crunch.

This box also includes recipes for Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding and Crispy Frico Caesar Salad. The Make It Your Way Challenge in this box is all about combining different textures in food. Don’t be afraid to get weird! Box subscribers receive fruit snack molds and an eyedropper for Chewy Lemonade Fruit Snacks.

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