young chefs' club

This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club celebrates the artistic side of cooking. Explore the magic of tie-dye using edible ingredients in Food-Based Tie-Dye.

For Young Chefs’ Club members, this box also includes recipes and techniques to help you turn dinner and dessert into works of art. Start with a protein—either Simple Seared Chicken Breasts or Fish in Foil. Then, make a sauce—orange‑red Smoky Roasted Red Pepper Sauce or bright-green Scallion‑Parsley Sauce (or both)—and use the squeeze bottles in your box to make dots, sunbursts, and splatter patterns. Use garnishes to add pops of color and texture. And then do it all again with our Double‑Chocolate Sheet Cake, Raspberry-Lime Coulis, and White Chocolate Sauce. Your plates will look like they belong in a museum. Practice drawing food yourself on a fun poster, and complete this month’s Make It Your Way Challenge with toast art. Your toast is a blank canvas for animal or nature inspired patterns, or graphic food patterns.

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