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This box is all about one of our favorite desserts: ice cream. Whether you eat it in a dish or on a cone, plain or with all the sundae trimmings, there’s an ice cream for everyone.

Our rich, creamy No-Churn Ice Cream recipe (no ice cream maker required) has plenty of flavors to choose from: Vanilla, Mint-Cookie, Strawberry-Buttermilk, Peanut Butter Cup . . . or invent your own flavor in the Make It Your Way Challenge: Ice Cream Flavor Creator!

The Ice Cream box also includes recipes for sweet, refreshing, dairy-free Raspberry Sorbet, fancy Chocolate Semifreddo, and sweet sundae toppings, like Hot Fudge Sauce and Strawberry Sauce. Plus, explore the science behind what makes ice cream scoopable in a hands-on science experiment and then make a set of paper dice (one each for ice cream flavor, toppings, and sauces) and roll them to see what sundae combos turn up. Make a sundae out of what you rolled (and use the ice cream scoop in your box to scoop out your ice cream).

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