There’s something wonderful about sipping a cool, refreshing drink on a hot summer day or cozying up with a warm mug on a chilly winter afternoon. And the world of beverages is wide—it’s got everything from creamy milkshakes and smoothies to sweet agua fresca and iced tea to tart lemonade. And that’s just to name a few.

In this month’s Make It Your Way Challenge, we’re asking you to create your own unique beverage. It can be hot or cold; milk-, water-, or juice-based; a classic combination of flavors; or something totally new—it’s all up to you! Take photos of your beverage creation and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media, or send them to We might feature them on our website!

Here is a bounty of ideas to help with your beverage brainstorming:

Hot or Cold?

Will you create a warm beverage, like cocoa, tea, or hot apple cider? Or will you go cold—and how cold will you go? Will you add ice to your drink? A few cubes or many? Or will you start with a chilly ingredient, such as ice cream, sorbet, or frozen fruit?

3up hot/cold beverages

Beverage Base

What will the main ingredients be in your beverage? Will you start with fruit or vegetable juice? Bubbly seltzer water? Creamy milk or almond milk? Will you blend ingredients into a smoothie or milkshake? Add a sweet boost with chocolate syrup or flavored Simple Syrup?

3up beverage base

Garnish It!

Garnishes add color and flavor to your beverage. You could use fresh fruit, like slices of lime, melon cubes, or even a fruit skewer! How about a sprinkle of powdered cinnamon or a whole cinnamon stick? Fresh herbs, like a sprig of mint? A colorful (homemade!) umbrella? What about a scoop of ice cream?

3up Beverage Garnishes