Birthdays, holidays, the start of school vacation, a rainy Saturday—just about any occasion is better with cake! Put your creativity to the test with this month’s Make It Your Way challenge: cake decorating!

You can start with the cake recipe in this box or use any cake that you like. Then, let your decoration imagination take flight. Will your cake have a theme, like a holiday, color, animal, or even your favorite sports team? What colors will your cake, frosting, and decorations be? What flavors will you use? Anything goes in this challenge, as long as you have fun making—and eating—it!

Be sure to take photos of your cake creation and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media or send them to

To kick-start your brainstorming, think about the four parts of your cake:


What kind of cake will you use? Chocolate cake? Yellow cake? Pumpkin cake? You can bake a cake from scratch, start with a boxed mix, or even use a store-bought cake. Your cake doesn’t even need to be made from actual cake—you could use an ice cream “cake” or even a cookie “cake”!

MIYW Cake Silos


What shape will your cake be? A circle? A square? A rectangle? Or another shape, like a star or your favorite animal? You can cut your cake into the shape or use a special cake pan.

Will your cake have layers? Stack two or more cakes to create a tall layer cake!

MIYW Cake Pan Silos

Frosting and Filling

What flavor frosting will you use? Vanilla? Chocolate? Something different, like strawberry? You can use store-bought frosting or make your own.

Add more flavor to your cake with a filling between the layers. Try jam, fresh fruit, pudding, marshmallow crème . . . so many options!

MIYW Frosting and Filling Silos


How will you decorate your cake? Will you pipe designs made from colored frosting? Add color with sprinkles or sanding sugar? Give it another texture with crunchy crushed cookies, juicy fresh fruit, or chewy candies? You can even use inedible decorations, such as paper flags or small figurines!

MIYW Decorations Silos