Edible Spheres are one cool way that chefs use science—in this case, the chemistry of solids and liquids—to add an element of surprise to their dishes. The spheres add pops of color, flavor, and texture (and fun!) to just about any meal, snack, or drink.

Your challenge this month? Make flavorful edible spheres and then use them in one or more dishes or drinks. Will you make sweet or savory spheres? Will they be brightly colored? Will you make small spheres? Larger ones? A mix of sizes? What will you sprinkle your spheres on? Anything goes!

Take photos of your edibles spheres (and how you used them!) and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media, or send them to We might feature them on our website!

Make Your Spheres

You can make edible spheres out of just about any flavorful liquid. What will you choose?

3up sphere materials group 1

Hot sauce

Lime juice

Chocolate syrup

3up flavorful liquids for spheres group 2

Soy sauce

Coconut milk

Orange juice

Spherification Tips

Thin it out: Mix thick liquids, such as chocolate syrup or coconut milk, or salty liquids, like soy sauce, with water before you start (learn more in the Edible Spheres recipe).

Use water-based liquids: Don’t make spheres out of oil-based liquids! This technique works because oil and water DON’T mix!

Use Your Spheres

How will you use your finished spheres? Here’s a roundup of ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to rinse your spheres in cold water before you use them. (Follow the steps in the Edible Spheres recipe.)

2up using spheres group 1

Next-Level Toast (Avocado toast with hot sauce spheres)

Ramped-Up Rice (Steamed rice with soy sauce spheres)

2up Using Spheres group 2

Sprinkle Spheres (Vanilla ice cream with pomegranate juice spheres)

Fancy Fruit (Fruit salad with coconut milk spheres)