One of the most scooptacular things about ice cream? It comes in SO. MANY. FLAVORS. From classics like vanilla and chocolate to combinations such as mint chip and rocky road to wacky creations like cereal milk, chile pepper, and avocado—there’s an ice cream flavor for everyone.

Your challenge? Invent your own ice cream flavor—and give it a name! Use our recipe for No‑Churn Ice Cream (minus the vanilla extract) as your base, and then add whatever flavorings, colors, swirls, and mix‑ins you like. Check out the ideas below for some flavor inspiration and guidelines for adding ingredients. Then, scoop away!


In step 4, add up to ½ cup mix-ins to mixture in loaf pan and gently stir.

3up Ice Cream Mix-Ins

Crushed cookies


Crushed peppermint candies

Jams, Nut Butters, and Other Spreads

To add a swirl: In step 4, dollop ⅓ cup jam, nut butter, or other spread over mixture in loaf pan. Use fork to gently swirl.

To flavor ice cream: Add ⅓ cup jam, nut butter, or other spread to blender in step 3.

3up jams, nut butters, and other spread


Raspberry jam

Caramel sauce


Add up to 6 ounces melted chocolate to blender in step 3.

Melted semisweet chocolate

Flavor Extracts

Add up to 1 teaspoon extract to blender in step 3.

3up flavor extracts

Food Coloring

Add ⅛ teaspoon food coloring to blender in step 3.

Tip: Stick with warm colors (like red or yellow) or cool colors (like blue or green) so you don’t wind up with brown ice cream!