Dinner pizza. Lunch pizza. Breakfast pizza. Even dessert pizza. It’s always a slice time for pizza! We’re pretty sure it’s impossible to ever get tired of pizza because there are so many different pizza possibilities.

In this Make It Your Way Challenge, we’re asking you to come up with your most creative and most delicious pizza—the pizza you’ve always dreamed of eating! Will you use classic pizza ingredients or use your favorite (non-pizza) meal as inspiration? Will your pizza be savory or sweet? Hot or cold? Whatever you do, it’s all up to you!

The Crust

What will you use as the base of your pizza? Traditional pizza dough? An English muffin? A flatbread such as a tortilla, lavash, or naan? You could even make a dessert pizza using a giant cookie as the crust!

3up MIYW pizza crust



Giant cookie

The Sauce

Most pizzas have a sauce spread over the crust—what kind will you use? Basil pesto? Barbecue sauce? Teriyaki sauce? Salsa? What about a layer of peanut butter and jelly? Or chocolate sauce?!

3up MIYW Pizza Sauce

Pizza sauce

Chocolate syrup

Basil pesto

The Cheese

What will be your cheesy choice? Cheddar? Crumbly feta or goat cheese? Will you add creamy ricotta once your pizza is baked (a great match for sweet pizza!)? It’s always okay to go cheese-free, too!

3up MIYW Pizza Cheese




The Toppings

Will you top your pizza with traditional pepperoni? A drizzle of hot sauce? Crumbled bacon and scrambled eggs? What about fruit, ice cream, or sprinkles? Your favorite taco fillings?

3up MIYW Pizza Toppings


Fried egg