The sandwich was invented in England almost 300 years ago, when the fourth Earl of Sandwich, a member of the British nobility, was too busy to sit down to a meal. Instead, he asked to be served slices of cold beef between two pieces of bread . . . and the rest is sandwich history.

Your challenge? Design your dream sandwich. One that you’d be excited to eat for lunch. (Or dinner, or breakfast—it’s always a good time for sandwiches!) The only rule? It’s got to have bread and fillings. Otherwise, the sky’s the limit. Will you make a sweet sandwich? A savory, toasted one? A rolled-up wrap? Will you go traditional or try something totally new? Anything goes in sandwich land.

Take photos of your sandwich and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media, or send them to We might feature them on our website!

To ignite your imagination, think about the different parts of a sandwich:

The Bread

What will you use for the outside of your sandwich? There are so many options: pillowy sandwich bread, chewy sourdough, a Pretzel Roll, a pita pocket, a lavash wrap, even a tortilla! Will you toast your bread or leave it plain? Will your sandwich be closed- or open-face?

3up: Breads for Sandwich MIYW

The Filling

What will be your main filling? Will you go traditional with sliced turkey, ham, or cheese? Add leftovers, like grilled chicken, meatballs, or falafel? Or will you use a creamy spread, like hummus or peanut butter? You could even use scrambled eggs to make a breakfast sandwich!

3up: Sandwich Filling

The Extras

What will you use to add more flavors and textures to your sandwich? Smooth mayonnaise or sliced avocado? Tangy barbecue sauce? Spicy mustard? Some crunch from shredded carrots, cooked bacon, or a few potato chips? A bit of sweetness from jam or honey?

3up: Sandwich Extras