Use your imagination to design—and eat!—your dream taco!

Tacos have been made in some form or another, in many different places, for hundreds of years. Here’s our challenge to you: Make your dream taco using your creativity and your favorite ingredients, and don’t be afraid to try something TOTALLY new. Will you make your taco sweet or savory? Will it have Mexican flavors or even an Asian twist?

Take photos of your creation and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media or send them to

To inspire your taco brainstorming, think about the four things that most tacos contain:


The outside of your taco can be anything from a traditional corn or flour tortilla to a spinach wrap, a crêpe, a rice paper wrapper, or even a lavash flatbread. (Really, go wild!)

Wrapper Silos


Most taco fillings are warm and relatively soft. Think braised meat, cooked vegetables, or mashed beans. Or maybe you’ll chill out with an ice cream filling? Get creative!

Filling Silos


Toppings add punchy flavors and fun textures to your tacos. Maybe you’ll use a crunchy cabbage slaw, avocado pieces, chopped tomato, shredded cheese, or tangy pickled red onions. Or think outside the box with toppings like sprinkles, sesame seeds, crumbled potato chips, crushed cookies . . . the sky’s the limit!

Toppings silos 1


You can cook your filling in your sauce (as in our Chicken Tinga Tacos) or you can squeeze or spoon a sauce onto your tacos right before you eat. Will you go traditional with sour cream, hot sauce, or crema? Or will you go sweet with whipped cream or caramel sauce? Anything goes!

Sauce Silos