Step up your after-school snack game and design your own cheese snack plate!

Cheese and crackers are a classic snack pairing. They’re also a blank canvas that lets your imagination run wild. For this Make It Your Way challenge, create your ideal cheese snack plate! It can be small or large, sweet or savory—or both! Put together a plate full of different colors or stick with one hue and make it monochrome (so cool!). Mix and match flavors and textures: creamy, crunchy, salty, gooey, crispy, nutty, sweet . . . see if you can build a different combination for every bite!

Take photos of your creation and have your grown-ups tag them with #atkkids on social media or send them to

To inspire your cheesy brainstorming, think about the three things that most cheese plates have:

The Base

What will you put your cheese on top of? Usually this is something crispy or crunchy, such as crackers, pita chips, or even potato chips. You could also use something sweet, like slices of fresh fruit or even a waffle or pancake!

Base 1

The Cheeses

You can’t have a cheese snack plate without cheese! Use the leftover cheeses from the recipes in this box, or try something new. If you want to include more than one cheese, try using cheeses with different textures, such as a hard cheddar and a soft brie.

Cheeses 1

The Extras

Add layers of flavor and texture (and color!) to your snack plate with one or more extras. Will you try something sweet, like fruit, honey, or jam? Something savory, such as sliced ham or salami? Sour pickles? Crunchy nuts? Fresh herbs? Spicy salsa? Anything goes!

the extras 1