Get ready to join your friend Mitsy in the classroom of Ovens 101 with this audio extra from the team that makes the Mystery Recipe podcast. Mitsy is ready to walk you through every step of the America’s Test Kitchen Kids' Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, with help from some of her friends at Miss Copperpot’s Academy for Useful Utensils. Just gather your ingredients, press play, and you can bake in real time with the whole gang! Mitsy will talk you through everything, from measuring and prepping your ingredients to shaping your cookies.

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If you like Mitsy’s Cookie Cook Along, then you’ll love the Mystery Recipe podcast! Hosted by Mitsy and America’s Test Kitchen Kids Editor in Chief Molly Birnbaum, this wacky and educational podcast brings you the fascinating and fun side of food three times a week. You can listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!