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Whether you’re gathering in the backyard, at a park, or even in your living room, summer is the perfect time for a picnic. This box brings lots of delicious picnic fun, no matter where your picnic is taking place (or how many people you’re picnicking with).

Choose your favorite dressing, veggies, protein, and greens to make your own perfectly packable Salad in a Jar. Layer all the ingredients in a lidded jar and shake before serving for a simple picnic side. Learn about the science of keeping food cool in our hands-on design challenge, Keep Your Cool. The Picnic Box also includes recipes for a portable, packable Italian Picnic Sandwich, Berry Streusel Bars, and Watermelon Agua Fresca; Pizza Tag, an active game the whole family can enjoy (presented by our friends at BOKS); and an entire booklet of Picnic Games, from charades to a scavenger hunt to word searches and more. Don’t forget to pack your reusable utensils—they’re included in your box!

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