preschool chefs' club

Every month, members of the Preschool Chefs' Club receive a themed box filled with kid-tested recipes; hands-on activities, games, and crafts; an illustrated storybook; a grown-ups guide; and other creative items (grown-ups, click here to learn more). On this page, you'll find links to each month's shopping list and bonus digital content. Happy cooking!


Bring the full restaurant experience home with the November edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club! Kids can read about all the roles in a restaurant in the Quartney Plays Pretend storybook. Then, they can imagine they’re a chef as they wear their DIY chef’s hat and make “Top It Your Way” Tacos. Plus, they can act as a server as they take everyone’s order on our custom Taco Toppings order pad. Finally, they can play a fun sequencing game, Order Up!

October 2022

The October edition of the Preschool Chefs’ Club is all about COLORS! Kids can taste the rainbow with Rainbow Smoothie Bowls. Then, they can experience some colorful chemistry with the Magic Color-Changing Noodles activity, and make bubbly art with Fizzy Paints. Next, kids will sort fruit and veggie cut-outs into color categories in the Eat the Rainbow! game. Finally, Sizzle’s Kitchen Rainbow storybook will teach preschoolers the importance of celebrating differences.


The September edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club is: Counting! Kids will practice their one-two-threes in the kitchen with recipes for Candy Counting Cookies, Count-It-Up Oven Grilled Cheese, and 3-2-1 Salad with Honey Vinaigrette. Then, they'll have fun with basic addition in the Count Your Toppings! game. Finally, they'll learn about perseverance in the Counting on Quartney storybook, complete with an extra activity!


The August Preschool Chefs' Club box takes kids to the wonderful world of fruit! They'll cook using all sorts of fruit with recipes for Peach Upside-Down Cake, Sheet-Pan Gnocchi with Cherry Tomato Sauce, and Mini Cookie and Berry Trifles. Then they'll learn about unique fruits from around the world with the A World of Fruits poster, and hone their categorizing skills with the Fruit or Vegetable? game. Plus, they'll learn about respecting differences in The Favorite Fruits Party storybook!

JULY 2022

Get in the swing of summer with the July Preschool Chefs' Club Box, which is all about the beach! Recipes for Cut-Out Sugar Cookies, Cookie Glaze, and Colored Sanding Sugar give kids everything they need for the Sea Creature Cookie Decorating activity. They'll have hours of fun with the DIY Moldable Sand activity, and learn about a special property of salt water in the Sink or Float? experiment. Finally, they'll take a trip to the seaside in the Picnic in a Pinch storybook.

JUNE 2022

The June Preschool Chefs' Club box is all about feelings! Kids will feel happy as they make (and eat) Double-Chocolate Banana Bread. They'll think of their happiest food-related memory as they create a piece of art for the keepsake picture frame included in your box. Then, kids can practice talking about and identifying their feelings with the Name That Feeling! activity. And, finally, they'll see how Tiny the fork learns how to deal with feeling sad in the Tiny’s Big Feelings storybook.

MAY 2022

May is the perfect month for the theme of this box: Grow A Garden! With recipes for Blueberry Biscuits, Honey Butter, Fluffy Baked Potatoes, and Buttery Broccoli Topping, kids will learn all about the wonderful world of produce. Then, they can try their hand at gardening with The Grass is Greener activity and explore how pollination works with The Bees Knees activity. And in the Leave Me Bee! storybook, they'll learn why bees are so important to gardens everywhere—and why they're nothing to be scared of!

APRIL 2022

The April edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club is all about Solids & Liquids! Kids will transform cream into Shake-Your-Own Butter turn water into a solid Raspberry-Lemon Popsicles. Then, they'll turn solid water back into a liquid and make art in the Magical Melting Watercolors Activity. Plus, they'll learn about states of matter when playing the What's The Matter?! card game and reading the Sizzle's Many Questions storybook!

MARCH 2022

Kids can start the day off right with the March edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club: Breakfast! With this box, they'll make Cheesy Potato and Egg Bites and a Giant Buttermilk Pancake. They'll get colorful and creative with planning their morning routine in the Rise and Shine activity, and they'll pair up different breakfast foods while trying to avoid getting stuck with burnt toast in the Breakfast Bust card game. And the storybook Quartney's Big Breakfast will help kids learn the value of patience!


Kids will eat with their ears in the February edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club, with a focus on music and sounds! Kids will pick out the sounds of the kitchen while cooking One-Pan Spaghetti and Meatballs and listen to the fizz and crackle of Poppin' Pretzels. They'll make music with the Wonderful Water Xylophone and the Kitchen Pantry Maracas, and in the Guess That Kitchen Sound activity, they'll identify objects by sound alone. Plus, this box's storybook, The Snack Time Band, teaches an important lesson about conflict resolution!


The January edition of the Preschool Chefs’ Club takes kids to the source of so much of their food: the farm! Kids will learn about life on a farm in the storybook The Fork Family Farm. Then, preschoolers can use the stamps included in the box to “plant” foods on the Fantastic Farm poster. After pretend planting, make a real pizza using recipes for Hand-Squished Roasted Tomato Sauce, Pizza Dough, and Thick-Crust Pan Pizza. Finally, they’ll play a chicken matching game: Cluck, Cluck, Match!


Let cupcake creativity run free with the December edition of the Preschool Chefs' Club! Kids can start by making our simple Chocolate Cupcakes and Vanilla Frosting recipes, which make a great base for all sorts of decorations. Then, use the stickers in this box to make cat, fish, rainbow, or butterfly cupcakes. For nonedible cupcake joy, color in the cupcake poster. And, celebrate National Cupcake Day with our storybook, Pinch's Colorful Cupcakes!