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Welcome to the Young Chefs’ Club, Road Trip edition! In this box, we’re going on a road trip across the United States . . . through food. The box includes recipes from five of the country’s most populous states, including a recipe for a New York Chocolate Egg Cream. Plus, learn How to Prep Chiles (hot tip: wear disposable gloves to protect yourself from transferring capsaicin, the compound that makes some chiles hot and spicy, onto your skin).

This Young Chefs’ Club box also includes recipes for breakfast tacos from Texas (and Salsa Roja), slow-roasted salmon from Washington, deep-dish pizza from Chicago, Illinois, and key lime pie from Florida. Boxes also include a special egg-cream spoon for mixing egg creams, and a citrus reamer to use while making key lime pie. Play “Eat the States,” where you’ll guess U.S. states using history; geography; and, of course, food clues. And tell us about the dishes unique to where YOU live on the “Have Food, Will Travel” card.

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