Are you ready to level up your kitchen game? Learn how to make the perfect egg and cheese breakfast sandwich before school and fluffy sticky buns on the weekend. Impress your friends and family with hearty grain bowls or amped-up ramen for lunch and hand-pulled noodles or sliders and french fries for dinner. Whether you’re looking to make photo-worthy doughnuts or learn basic cooking techniques to get you started in the kitchen, The Complete Cookbook for Teen Chefs has something for everyone.

This book is teen tested and teen approved. This means that thousands of teens tested each and every recipe in this book at home and sent us feedback about what worked well and what could use improvement. In fact, we only publish a recipe if at least 80 percent of our teen testers said that they would make the recipe again. You’ll see quotes from many of these recipe testers throughout the book. You can sign up to test recipes for future teen cooking projects, too.

Recipes from the Book