young chefs' club

There has never been a better way to get excited about vegetables—growing (and regrowing) them, cooking and baking with them, eating them, and using them in taste tests. This Young Chefs’ Club box is all about the vibrant colors, diverse flavors, and bountiful science of veggies. Make colorful Rainbow Grain Bowls and flavorful Basil Pesto. Learn how to regrow veggies using left over scraps, and challenge your family and friends to a taste test where you learn if different colors of the same vegetable taste different.

This box also includes recipes for savory Sizzling Beef Lettuce Wraps, sweet Carrot Snack Cake, and tangy Quick Pickled Vegetables. In this Make It Your Way Challenge, try to include as many colors of the rainbow as you can in one veggie-filled plate. This box includes seed packets of some frequently used herbs and a vegetable peeler.

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