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Every month, members of the Young Chefs' Club receive a themed box filled with kid-tested recipes, hands-on activities and experiments, and other creative items (grown-ups, click here to learn more). On this page, you'll find links to each month's shopping list and bonus digital content. Happy cooking!

December 2020: Pizza

This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club celebrates one of America’s most popular foods: PIZZA! With recipes from Thin-Crust Pizza to Tear-and-Share Pepperoni Pizza Rolls to French Bread Pizza and even Pizza Art (yes, Pizza Art!) there’s something for every pizza lover. Learn more about the science of pizza dough in a “restful” experiment and play the pizza-party classic Pin the Topping on the Pizza! Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-December.

November 2020: Spectacular Spices

Spices are small but mighty, holders of deep flavor and givers of taste, scent, color, and context for cuisine. In this box, you’ll use spices (a couple of which are included!) to cook a range of different dishes—all filled with flavor, but no spicy heat. Serve Chicken Fajitas or vegetarian Chana Masala for family dinner, enjoy a side of Spice-Roasted Carrots, and experience the sweet side of spices with Spice Cake. Explore the scented science of spices with an experiment all about blooming (no flowers involved!). Finally, make spiced popcorn YOUR way with our Make It Your Way Challenge! Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-November.

October 2020: Noodles

There are so many different types of noodles and so many ways to cook them . . . the pastabilities are endless. This box is full of recipes and activities—and even a pastatively delightful board game—that explore the wide world of noodles, from handmade fresh pasta (no pasta machine required) to rice vermicelli noodles to lo mein noodles, and more. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-October.

September 2020: Cookies

With this box, kids can bake five different cookie recipes, from a Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie to Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies to Glazed Sugar Cookies they can cut out (using cookie cutters in their box) and decorate. They’ll learn about the science of sugar in an edible—cookie-based!—experiment and enjoy some sugar-free time putting together a cookie-themed jigsaw puzzle. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-September.

August 2020: Pack a Picnic

Whether it’s at a nearby park, in the backyard, or even in your living room, there’s nothing quite like a summer picnic. This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club is full of portable recipes, activities, and games to help you create an unforgettable—and very delicious—picnic. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-August.

July 2020: Cook Like a Scientist

SOLD OUT! Orders placed on or after June 24, 2020 will receive their first Young Chefs' Club box in August 2020.

In this box, kids harness the power of science to create tasty, beautiful, and surprising dishes, from creamy, flavor-packed nacho cheese sauce to tiny edible spheres to a cake with layers that swap places in the oven. Plus, they'll discover ways that professional chefs use science to wow guests at their restaurants. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-July.

June 2020: Ice Cream

This box celebrates one of our favorite desserts: ice cream! Whether you eat it in a dish or on a cone, plain or with all the sundae trimmings, there’s an ice cream (or sorbet) for everyone. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-June.

May 2020: Vegetables

There has never been a better way to get excited about vegetables—growing (and regrowing) them, cooking and baking with them, eating them, and using them in taste tests. This Young Chefs’ Club box is all about the vibrant colors, diverse flavors, and bountiful science of veggies.

April 2020: Beverages

This Young Chefs’ Club box dives deep into the world of beverages—the drinks we enjoy alongside our meals and snacks as well as the drinks we sip on their own.

March 2020: All About Bread

Baking bread is a magical experience. The recipes in this box feature bread of all sorts: yeasted breads, chemically leavened breads, and bready projects that are totally worth the effort.

February 2020: Get Salty

Salt is such an important ingredient that we made a whole Young Chefs’ Club box about it. It can transform the flavor and texture of meat, move water in and out of vegetables, and make sweet things taste . . . sweeter!

January 2020: All About Food Texture

“Texture? What does THAT have to do with cooking?” A whole lot, it turns out. Try some different kid-tested and kid-approved recipes with VERY different textures.

December 2019: Cake Decorating

Do you love to bake? Do you love making your baked goods look as cool as possible? Then, this Young Chefs’ Club box is for you.

November 2019: Say Cheese

This Young Chefs’ Club box is perfect for cheese lovers. You can make your own ricotta cheese, bake homemade cheddar fish crackers, and learn all about the science of stretchy cheese in a fun (and delicious) experiment.

October 2019: Taco Truck

This Young Chefs’ Club box celebrates one of everyone’s favorite foods: the taco. You can make your own corn tortillas from scratch, cook your favorite taco fillings and toppings, even create your dream taco in the Make It Your Way Challenge!

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