young chefs' club

Every month, members of the Young Chefs' Club receive a themed box filled with kid-tested recipes, hands-on activities and experiments, and other creative items (grown-ups, click here to learn more). On this page, you'll find links to each month's shopping list and bonus digital content. Happy cooking!

November 2022: Spectacular Spices

Spice it up with the November edition of the Young Chefs' Club! Serve Chicken Fajitas or vegetarian Chana Masala for family dinner, enjoy a side of Spice-Roasted Carrots, and experience the sweet side of spices with Spice Cake. Explore the scented science of spices with an experiment all about blooming (no flowers involved!). Finally, make spiced popcorn YOUR way with our Make It Your Way Challenge! Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-November.

October 2022: Noodles

There are so many different types of noodles and so many ways to cook them . . . the pastabilities are endless. This box includes recipes for Fresh Pasta with Butter and Parmesan, Pasta with Meat Sauce, Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Rice Noodle Bowls with Pork and Scallions, and Sesame Noodles with Snow Peas and Carrots. With the Make it Your Way: Noodle Bowls challenge, kids will come up with oodles of tasty combinations, and they'll have lots of fun playing the Noodles and Ladders board game. Plus, kids will learn the proper technique for cooking pasta, and explore the role of salt in the Noodle Season experiment. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-October.

September 2022: Cookies

With this box, kids can bake five different cookie recipes: Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie, Chewy Peanut Butter Cookies, Chocolate Brownie Cookies, Jam Thumbprint Cookies, and Glazed Sugar Cookies (that they'll also have fun decorating). They’ll learn about the science of sugar in Brown versus White Sugar: The Cookie Challenge, and experiment with a Make It Your Way: Kitchen Sink Cookies activity. They'll also enjoy some sugar-free time putting together a cookie-themed jigsaw puzzle. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-September.

August 2022: Pack a Picnic

Whether it’s at a nearby park, in the backyard, or even in your living room, there’s nothing quite like a summer picnic. This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club includes recipes for a full picnic: Watermelon Agua Fresca, Italian Picnic Sandwich, Salad in a Jar, and Berry Streusel Bars. Kids will learn the science behind making a vinaigrette, and they'll test their engineering skills with the Keep Your Cool activity. Plus, they'll be entertained all picnic long with Pizza Tag and a whole booklet of picnic games! Order this box in July to get it in August.

July 2022: Cook Like a Scientist

In this box, kids harness the power of science to create tasty, beautiful, and surprising dishes with recipes for Cheesier Nacho Cheese Sauce, Magic Chocolate Flan Cake, Cloud Eggs, and Edible Spheres. Plus, they'll discover ways that professional chefs use science to wow guests at their restaurants and get creative with the Food in Disguise activity and Edible Spheres Make It Your Way Challenge. Order this box in June to get it in July!

June 2022: Ice Cream

This box celebrates one of our favorite desserts: ice cream! With recipes for No-Churn Ice Cream, Chocolate Semifreddo, Raspberry Sorbet, Hot Fudge Sauce, and Strawberry Sauce, there's something for everyone. Kids will learn the best technique for whipping cream and do an experiment to learn the role air plays in making ice cream. Plus, a Make It Your Way Challenge and the Roll the Dice Cream activity will help kids harness the plethora of flavor possibilities! Order this box throughout May to get it on your doorstep in June.

May 2022: Vegetables

This Young Chefs’ Club box is all about the vibrant colors, diverse flavors, and bountiful science of veggies. Kids will make Basil Pesto, Carrot Snack Cake, Quick Pickled Vegetables, Sizzling Beef Lettuce Wraps, and Rainbow Grain Bowls. They'll learn how to properly store fresh herbs and, in the Regrow Your Vegetables activity, how to make the most of leftover scallions. They'll compare and contrast veggies of different colors in the Taste Test the Rainbow experiment and come up with colorful combinations in the Eat The Rainbow Make It Your Way challenge. Plus, they can test their memory with the "Veggie Match" card game and try their hand at growing their own herb garden! Order this box through April for it to arrive in May.

April 2022: Beverages

This Young Chefs’ Club box dives deep into the world of beverages—the drinks we enjoy alongside our meals and snacks as well as the drinks we sip on their own. This box includes recipes for Horchata, Watermelon Slushies, Flavored Seltzers, and Simple Syrup. Kids will learn the proper techniques for using liquid measuring cups and zesting and juicing citrus. They can put their new skills in action and get creative with a Make It Your Way Challenge, and garnish their unique beverages with drink umbrellas they make themselves! Plus, they'll learn some cool science with the Color-Changing Beverages and What Makes Fizzy Drinks Fizzy experiments. Order this box in March to get it in April!

March 2022: All About Bread

Baking bread is a magical experience. The recipes in this box feature bread of all sorts: Piade (Flatbreads), Cinnamon-Raisin Swirl Bread, Almost No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread, and Pretzel Rolls - plus, a recipe for Flavored Butters! Kids will learn techniques for kneading and shaping dough, as well as how to use stale bread in ways that taste great. They'll learn the science of yeast, explore breads from all over the world, and tackle a Make It Your Way Challenge to build the sandwich of their dreams. Order this box in February to get it in March!

February 2022: Get Salty

Salt is such an important ingredient that we made a whole Young Chefs’ Club box about it. It can transform the flavor and texture of meat, move water in and out of vegetables, and make sweet things taste . . . sweeter! In this box, kids can experiment with salt with four recipes. Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Chimichurri Sauce demonstrate the magic of brining, Green Beans with Lemon Dressing illustrate the power of cooking in salted water, Zucchini Muffins are all about osmosis, and Brown Sugar Cookies showcase the interplay of sweet and salty. The Be A Salt Farmer activity gives kids a chance to harvest salt from a mini ocean, and a Make It Your Way Challenge experiments with salting all sorts of different foods. Order this box all through January to receive it in February!

January 2022: All About Food Texture

“Texture? What does THAT have to do with cooking?” A whole lot, it turns out. In the January edition of the Young Chefs’ Club, kids will dive into the wide world of food texture with recipes for Crispy Frico Caesar Salad, Creamy Chocolate Avocado Pudding, and Chewy Lemonade Fruit Snacks. Then, they can expand their understanding of how texture affects food with activities such as The Battle of Crispy vs. Crunchy and the salsa-filled Testing (and Tasting!) Texture. Kids can see just how many different textures they can get on one plate in the Make It Your Way Challenge, then the whole family can play a rousing game of Food Texture Bingo while eating dinner. Order this box throughout December for it to arrive in January!

December 2021: Cake Decorating

Do you love to bake? Do you love making your baked goods look as cool as possible? Then, this Young Chefs’ Club box is for you. Make a Chocolate Layer Cake and homemade Vanilla Frosting. Then, decorate it with a supershiny glaze and make it a Mirror Cake. Or, participate in this box's Make It Your Way Challenge and decorate it with fun toppings. Learn how to frost and pipe like a pro using the piping guide included in this box. Order the Cake Decorating box through November to arrive at your doorstep in December!

November 2021: Say Cheese

This Young Chefs’ Club box is perfect for cheese lovers. You can make your own DIY Ricotta Cheese, bake homemade Cheddar Fish Crackers, and make Stovetop Macaroni & Cheese. Plus, conduct a cheesy taste test and learn all about the science of stretchy cheese in a fun (and delicious) experiment. Then, play a round of an easy card game (included in the box) while enjoying a Make It Your Way Challenge cheese snack plate.

October 2021: Taco Truck

This Young Chefs’ Club box celebrates one of everyone’s favorite foods: the taco. You can make your own corn tortillas from scratch, cook your favorite taco fillings and toppings, even create your dream taco in the Make It Your Way Challenge!

September 2021: Ocean

Explore the ocean in the September edition of our Young Chefs’ Club! Kids will discover the power of seaweed by rolling their own vegetarian sushi (the mat is included!), make the most amazing fish tacos they’ll ever eat, or try our One-Pot Garlicky Shrimp Pasta. For dessert, use just a touch of salt to heighten the flavor of our Salted Butterscotch Milkshakes. Plus kids can play a fun ocean-themed card game included in the box. This box is on sale throughout August and arrives in September.

August 2021: Pie

The August edition of the Young Chefs’ Club is filled with reci-pies, techniques, and activities all about pie. Kids can use our recipe for Pie Dough to make a show-stopping Double-Crust Blueberry Pie, a pretty (and impressive) Cheesy Summer Vegetable Galette, and a crowd-pleasing Chocolate Cream Pie. (Use the pie slicer included in the box to serve them all up.) Explore the science of pie fillings with an edible experiment, and learn pie trivia in our card game Truth or Pie. This box is on sale throughout July and arrives in August.

July 2021: Food Art

The July edition of the Young Chefs’ Club celebrates the artistic side of cooking. Kids create art on their plates using a set of seven recipes (and the squeeze bottles included in their box): Simple Seared Chicken Breasts, Fish in Foil, Smokey Roasted Red Pepper Sauce, and Scallion-Parsley Sauce, plus Double-Chocolate Sheet Cake, White Chocolate Sauce, and Raspberry-Lime Coulis. Use our techniques for turning food into wow-worthy edible art! Plus, kids will explore the magic of tie-dye using edible ingredients. This box is on sale throughout June and arrives in July.

June 2021: Fruit

The June edition of the Young Chefs’ Club celebrates the wide world of fruit. This box includes recipes for sweet Skillet Stone Fruit Crisp and Summer Berry Jam; creamy, custardy Lemon Posset; tropical Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple Salsa; and Chunky Guacamole, which is (surprise!) full of fruits—all stirred and mixed with the included spatula. Try out a berry juicy science experiment and play our Fruit Face-Off memory matching game. This box is on sale throughout May and arrives in mid-June.

May 2021: Burgers

The May edition of the Young Chefs’ Club includes everything kids (and their grown-ups!) need to achieve burger bliss—and so much more! Young chefs will find recipes for Cheeseburger Sliders, Juicy Turkey Burgers, and vegetarian Spiced Chickpea Burgers, plus DIY Ketchup, Bread and Butter Pickle Chips, and three different Burger Sauces, mixed up with the included whisk. With so many condiment and patty options, there’s a special burger combo for everyone! Kids can also do a ketchup taste test, and play a round (or 10!) of our card game Burger Throw Down. On sale through the end of April, this box arrives in mid-May.

April 2021: Use Your Senses

The April edition of the Young Chefs’ Club dives into how all five of your senses—taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing—play a role in how you cook and eat. Kids will use their ears as they make Stovetop Popcorn and their noses as they bake Browned Butter Blondies. They’ll experience their sense of touch in a supercool way when eating Spicy Noodles with Pork and Sichuan Peppercorns (the peppercorns are included in your box). They take a dive into their sense of taste by trying a miracle berry tablet (also in your box), which makes everything sour taste sweet, temporarily. And they’ll explore the science of sight in a top secret taste test. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-April.

March 2021: Road Trip

In this edition of the Young Chefs’ Club, we're taking a road trip across the United States! We’re stopping in five of the most populous states—New York, Florida, Texas, Washington state, and Illinois—to bring you recipes and stories unique to each place, from Florida Key Lime Pie to Texas Breakfast Tacos to Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, and more. Kids can play “Eat the States,” where they’ll guess U.S. states using history; geography; and, of course, food clues. And we invite them to tell us about the dishes unique to where they live in our colorable “Have Food, Will Travel” activity. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-March.

February 2021: Diner Breakfast

This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club brings the delights of a diner breakfast into your home kitchen. This month’s diner-ific recipes include Lemon-Buttermilk Flapjacks(inspired by the Palace Diner in Biddeford, Maine), DIY Breakfast Sausage, and Breakfast Sandwiches. Kids can discover how egg whites and egg yolks cook differently in a simple science experiment, learn three ways to cook bacon, practice making fresh orange juice, and tackle this month’s Make It Your Way Challenge: Omelets! Finally, they’ll design their dream diner using our colorable, creative poster. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-February.

January 2021: Dumplings

On sale throughout the month of December, the January edition of the Young Chefs’ Club is an introduction to the wide world of dumplings. Kids will travel to China while making Guotie (Pot Stickers), visit Argentina and Mexico while making sweet and savory empanadas, and stop over in Poland (by way of Pittsburgh) while making potato and cheddar pierogi. Kids can discover dumplings from around the world in our fold-out poster and use them to inspire their own miniature, decoratable dumpling sculptures. Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-January.

December 2020: Pizza

This edition of the Young Chefs’ Club celebrates one of America’s most popular foods: PIZZA! With recipes from Thin-Crust Pizza to Tear-and-Share Pepperoni Pizza Rolls to French Bread Pizza and even Pizza Art (yes, Pizza Art!) there’s something for every pizza lover. Learn more about the science of pizza dough in a “restful” experiment and play the pizza-party classic Pin the Topping on the Pizza! Young Chefs' Club members, look for this box on your doorstep in mid-December.