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Every month, kids receive a themed box filled with unique kid-tested and kid-approved recipes (that are great for the whole family), engaging hands-on activities and experiments, and other creative items (ranging from family-friendly games to useful kitchen tools, flavorful spices, and more!).

Box themes change every month and will be a surprise for kids (grown-ups will receive shopping lists ahead of time via email). Themes range from specific ingredients (such as cheese or bread) to cooking techniques (such as cake decorating), scientific subjects (such as food texture or molecular gastronomy), and cuisines or types of food (such as tacos).
The America’s Test Kitchen Kids Young Chefs’ Club is for kids ages 6-13. Depending on your child’s age and ability, they might need more (or less) help from a grown-up in the kitchen.
Recipes and activities range in time: Some can be completed in 15 minutes, while others might require short intervals of time over the course of two days. Each box includes activities with varying levels of complexity and time commitment; both difficulty level and required time are clearly marked on every recipe or activity card in the box. There will always be a fun activity that kids can engage in as soon as the box arrives.