You won’t believe how easy (and fun!) it is to make your own corn tortillas.

  • Uses the stovetop
  • Intermediate
  • 50 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • (Makes 8 to 10 tortillas)

Prepare Ingredients

2 cups (8 ounces)
masa harina
1½ teaspoons
1⅓ cups
warm water, plus extra as needed
4 teaspoons
vegetable oil
Vegetable oil spray

Gather Cooking Equipment

Medium bowl
Rubber spatula
dish towels
Bowl or plate with 6-inch diameter
Large zipper-lock plastic bag
¼-cup dry measuring cup
Clear pie plate
10-inch nonstick skillet
2 cups (8 ounces)
masa harina
1½ teaspoons
1⅓ cups
warm water
4 teaspoons
vegetable oil

In medium bowl, use rubber spatula to stir together masa harina and salt. Add warm water and oil and stir until combined.


Use your hands to knead dough in bowl until dough is soft and has texture of Play-Doh. If dough is too dry, add more warm water, 1 tablespoon at a time, and knead until well combined. Cover dough with damp dish towel.

Tortilla Dough Balls

Dough is too dry and needs more water.

Dough is ready to shape!

Vegetable oil spray

Place bowl upside-down in center of large zipper-lock bag. Use marker to trace around edge of bowl to create circle with 6-inch diameter. Use scissors to cut open seams along sides of large zipper-lock plastic bag, but leave bottom seam intact. Open bag and spray inside of bag lightly with vegetable oil spray.


Scoop level ¼ cup of dough and use your hands to roll into smooth ball (keep remaining dough covered with dish towel so it doesn’t dry out). Shape tortillas.

Shaping Tortillas

Place dough ball in greased zipper‑lock bag and fold top of bag over dough.

Place clear pie plate on top of plastic and press dough ball flat, then rock pie plate in circles to press tortilla into even 6-inch circle.


Spray 10-inch nonstick skillet lightly with vegetable oil spray. Heat over medium heat for 2 minutes. Peel top layer of plastic away from tortilla. Gently place your hand on tortilla, flip tortilla onto your hand, and carefully peel away bottom layer of plastic.


Carefully drop tortilla into skillet (ask an adult for help—skillet will be hot). Cook tortilla until edges begin to dry out, about 1 minute. Use spatula to flip tortilla and cook until second side is browned at edges, about 45 seconds. Flip tortilla again and cook until it begins to puff, about 15 more seconds.


Use spatula to transfer cooked tortilla to second damp dish towel, and wrap in towel to keep warm. Repeat portioning, shaping, and cooking tortillas with remaining dough to make 9 more tortillas. Lightly spray bag with vegetable oil spray as needed if tortillas begin to stick to plastic. Turn off heat. Serve.