Before you start piping decorations on your cakes, cupcakes, or even cookies, you need to fill a pastry bag with frosting by following the steps below. Then, watch the video on this page before you practice different piping techniques on parchment paper or the Piping Practice sheets included in your Cake Decorating Young Chefs’ Club box!

Prepare Ingredients

Gather Equipment

Pastry bag
Piping tip (#8 round tip, 1M open star tip, or #124 petal tip)
Tall drinking glass
Rubber spatula

Use scissors to cut off bottom corner of pastry bag. If using #8 round tip, cut off 1 inch. If using 1M open star tip or #124 petal tip, cut off 1½ inches.


Fold top of pastry bag out and halfway down.


Insert tip all the way into bag so tip is peeking out of snipped bag corner.

1-2 cups

Stand bag upright in drinking glass (with tip touching bottom of glass). Use rubber spatula to transfer frosting to bag.


Twist top of bag nice and tight to push frosting down toward tip. There should be no air between frosting and top of bag.