Liquid ingredients should be measured in a liquid measuring cup (a large, clear plastic or glass cup with lines on the side, a big handle, and a pour spout).

To measure liquids: Set the measuring cup level on the counter and bend down to read the measurement at the bottom of the curved arc at the liquid’s surface. This is known as the meniscus line. Note that small amounts of both dry and liquid ingredients are measured with small measuring spoons.

Another Way to Measure Liquids

You can also measure liquids by weight, using a kitchen scale, instead of by volume with a liquid measuring cup. Measuring by weight is very quick, easy, and accurate!

To weigh liquids: Turn on the scale and place a bowl on the scale. Then press the “tare” button to zero out the weight (that means the weight of the bowl won’t be included). Slowly add your liquid ingredient to the bowl until the display shows the desired weight.