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  • America’s most trusted cooking brand . . .

    America’s Test Kitchen has been making cooking accessible and fun for adults for 25 years.

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    We’re the proud creators of two magazines, two Emmy-nominated television shows, countless award-winning cookbooks, a robust website, a narrative food podcast, and more.

  • . . . reimagined for kids!

    America’s Test Kitchen Kids is building a new generation of empowered cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters.

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    Working at the intersection of food and STEAM (and fun!), we believe in the power of hands-on learning. We publish kid-tested, kid-approved recipes, activities, and experiments in our Young Chefs’ Club subscription box, website, and line of board books, picture books, and cookbooks.

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Kids AND their grown-ups will uncover the fun, fantastical, and fascinating sides of food.

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About Us

We are a group of editors, educators, and cooks applying America’s Test Kitchen’s scientific know-how and rigorous testing to create meaningful learning experiences for children. Our mission is to build a new generation of empowered cooks, engaged eaters, and curious experimenters. We encourage kids to take risks, embrace and learn from failure, and develop a healthy and positive relationship with food.

What’s STEAM?

We believe that food is a natural—and fun—way for kids to learn about STEAM: science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. Cooking showcases the inherent connections between these subjects, and not only engages kids with different interests and abilities, but creates a whole lot of deliciousness along the way.

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  • Cast member Molly Birnbaum Editor in Chief
  • Cast member Suzannah McFerran Executive Food Editor
  • Cast member Kristin Sargianis Deputy Editor, Education
  • Cast member Afton Cyrus Senior Editor
  • Cast member Ali Velez Alderfer Senior Editor
  • Cast member Andrea Wawrzyn Test Cook
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  • Cast member Gabi Homonoff Associate Art Director
  • Cast member Sally Calame Director of Marketing
  • Cast member Mykim Dang Executive Producer, Video
  • Cast member Kelsey Hopper Digital Marketing Manager
  • Cast member Chad Chenail Producer, Podcasts

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