S1:E4 | 11.22.2018

Beanboozled, Part 1

How in the world did Jelly Belly create a stinky sock-flavored jelly bean? We take a deep dive into the weird science of flavor in part one of an engrossing two-part journey.

About This Episode

Jelly Belly's popular "Beanboozled" game is an edible version of Russian roulette. You might score a tutti frutti bean, or you might get stuck with a stinky sock-flavored bean. But how in the world did Jelly Belly distill these disgusting flavors into a tiny, innocent looking candy? This curiosity leads us into the strange hidden world of commercial flavor chemistry, secret societies of flavorists, and so-called flavor artists. This is part 1 of an engrossing journey into the weird science of flavor. Read our recap here.

Special thanks to the experts featured in part 1 of Beanboozled:

  • Irena Miles, Director of Global Quality Control, Jelly Belly Candy Company
  • Roger Summons, Schlumberger Professor of Geobiology, MIT
  • Christy Spackman, Assistant Professor, Art/Science Nexus at Arizona State University

The Role of Smell in the Science of Flavor

Images courtesy of the Annuals of the New York Academy of Sciences.

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