S5:E6 | 9.24.2020

Hive Heist

Under the cover of almond groves, a new branch of crime has an unusual target: bees.

About this Episode

A new branch of crime has emerged in central California under cover of mass almond groves: the theft of beehives. Why? Because they’re really valuable. The American honey economy has crashed, leading beekeepers to find other sources of income for their bees. The burgeoning US Almond industry was just the key. But it's a dangerous gig for the bees, making their hive rental fees steep and a perfect target for organized crime.

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About the Producers

Marc Fennell is the James Beard Award-winning journalist behind the hit Audible podcasts 'It Burns' and 'Nut Jobs'. Marc has reported everything from the Hong Kong protests to food crimes in California. He's interviewed the likes of Al Gore, Tom Cruise, and former MI6 spies. Marc's work has been honored by the Webby Awards, nominated for Europe’s Rose d'Or, and won New York Festivals Awards in both radio and television. You can learn more about Marc’s work on his website.

Emma Weatherill is an award winning British audio producer who spent ten years at the BBC making programmes for Radio 4. She has a special interest in food stories and was Series Producer on Audible's 'Nut Jobs' with Marc Fennell in which they investigated a $10million nut heist in California.” You can learn more about Emma’s work on her website.

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