S4:E7 | 5.21.2020

The Reconstruction of A Royal Cake

When a replica of Queen Elizabeth’s royal wedding cake was destroyed by vandals, hundreds of people would come together to recreate the show stopping replica cake.

About this Episode

In 1947, the Peek Freans bakery of Bermondsey made a beautiful royal wedding cake for Queen Elizabeth’s nuptials to Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. It was a showstopper: 6 feet tall, 6 tiers, and covered in beautiful white royal icing and exquisite decorations. The Peek Freans bakers were so proud of the cake, that they immediately made a replica, which sat on display for decades. Queen Elizabeth’s replica wedding cake would end up in a museum. Until one day in 2015, when it was destroyed by vandals. They turned it upside down, splashed it with red paint, and marked it with “A” for anarchy. But that wasn’t the end of the story. Over the next two years, hundreds of people would come together to make yet another replica of the replica royal wedding cake: For the Queen, for craft, or for Bermondsey.

This story was originally reported for Gastro Obscura by Katherine Waters. You can read that story, along with pictures of the cake, here.

About the Reporter

Emma Weatherill is a British audio producer who spent ten years at the BBC making programmes for Radio 4. She has a special interest in food stories and has recently produced an eight part series for Audible, called Nut Jobs, about organised criminals stealing nuts in California.

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