S5:E1 | 8.20.2020

The Search for the Queerest Food

Reporter Chad Chenail attempts to answer the question: what is the queerest food?

About This Episode

In John Birdsall’s 2014 article, "America, Your Food is so Gay", he describes a particularly indulgent cheese burger as "unflinchingly queer". For reporter Chad Chenail, this sparked a journey of self discovery and queer theory, all in an attempt to answer the question: what is the queerest food?

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About the Reporter

Chad Chenail is (usually) a children’s media writer and podcast producer based in Boston. In addition to writing and producing ATK Kids' podcast Mystery Recipe, he is the producer on Girl Tales, a kids podcast of fairytales reimagined from a feminist perspective.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to everyone we spoke to for this story. Including Arien Wilkerson, Mathew Brown, Rob Copeland, Rick Chenail, Ora Wise, Alice Simmons and Keavy Handley Byrne, Rad Pereira, Michael Chakraverty, Vanessa Friedman, Lindz Amer, Austin Klich, Edward Wiklund, Rebecca Cunningham, Parke Stevenson, Martha Ruetlinger, Jonny Cortes, Britta Gustafson, Phil Krzeminski, Angela Cortese, and John Birdsall.

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