S5:E2 | 8.27.2020

Will the Real Mr. Oreo Please Stand Up?

Biscuit wars, rebellion-by-Oreo, and the "Real" Mr. Oreo: In this collaboration with Business Insider’s Brought To You By, we take a closer look at the many layers of history behind America’s favorite cookie.

About this Episode

A collaboration with Business Insider’s Brought To You By. In this three-part story, we tell the history of the Biscuit Wars of the early 1900s. A business partner rivalry leads to the creation of Hydrox and Oreo, two identical cookies that would spend the next century competing for the role of America’s favorite cookie. Then, we learn of one woman’s relationship with Oreos as an expression of rebellion to her Jewish roots’ Kosher rules. Lastly, we also uncover the real story behind Mr. Oreo, the man who somehow got credit for inventing the current Oreo cream filling.

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