S4:E3 | 4.23.2020

Yelp Therapy

When the Yelp platform does little to help facilitate resolution, is the only hope of reconciliation to take their dialog “offline”?

About this Episode

Bryce has put his blood, sweat, and tears into building his business, a Williamsburg restaurant called Black Flamingo. This plant-based Latin-inspired restaurant is home to a basement disco, and widely celebrated tacos and cocktails. So when Tanya leaves a scathing Yelp review about her bad experience at the restaurant, Bryce is discouraged. A Yelp rating is proven to affect restaurant profit, which can make even one bad review devastating to a business owner like Bryce. When the Yelp platform does little to help facilitate resolution, is Bryce and Tanya’s only hope of reconciliation to take their dialog “offline” and come face to face?

How to Support Local Businesses during COVID-19

If you want to support Black Flamingo, the restaurant featured in this episode, visit their GoFundMe page.

1. Opt for takeout or delivery

According to the FDA, takeout is generally considered safe, and restaurants and food delivery apps are taking extra precautions to keep everyone healthy.

2. Buy Gift Cards

If you don't feel comfortable ordering takeout, or you prefer to cook for yourself, buying gift cards for later use can help mitigate some of the financial burden restaurants are facing immediately.

3. Buy or wear merch to show support

4. Follow and engage on social media

Showing restuarants some love on social media through a shout-out, positive review, or even just a follow. You may even hear about special take-out deals, or be the first to know when restaurants are back up and running again.

5. Donate to non-profits that help restaurant workers

There are a lot of restaurant workers going unpaid or who have lost their jobs during this time; many of them are our family and friends. Organizations like One Fair Wage, the Greg Hill Foundation Restaurant Strong Fund, and the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation have started funds to provide some relief to servers, cooks, and cleaners durings this tough time.

About the Reporter

Jesse Rudoy is a radio producer and documentary filmmaker from New York. He is currently in post-production on his first feature documentary called Dusty & Stones about a country music duo from the African kingdom of Swaziland their first trip to the United States. Jesse is a writer/producer FX's very first true-crime podcast launching in the Spring of 2020. He was also a producer on the iTunes chart-topping podcast Crimetown Presents: The RFK Tapes. Follow Jesse on Twitter @jesserudoy.

If you're interested in Jesse's soda business, visit their website http://whitelabelmate.com/.

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