Grilled Shrimp and Vegetable KebabsFromMediterranean Grill
Can shrimp and vegetables ever achieve perfection on a single skewer?
Shrimp ScampiFromSeafood Supper
Making a passable version of this restaurant standard is easy enough, but for truly first-rate results, we took stock of e...
Braised Halibut with Leeks and MustardFromBraised to Perfection
Braising is not just for tough roasts. It can also give you supple, perfectly cooked fish—with a vegetable side and a silk...
Fried Brown Rice with Pork and ShrimpFromServing Up Noodles and Rice
We figured out a single substitution that both eliminates the need for leftover rice and makes the dish less greasy.
Crispy Salt and Pepper ShrimpFromSweet and Spicy Asian Specialties
In this pungently spiced Chinese restaurant classic, the shells are every bit as important (and delicious) as the shrimp.
Grilled Bacon-Wrapped ScallopsFromScallops and Shrimp Hot Off the Grill
How do you translate this time-tested hors d’oeuvre into a grilled entrée? With a handful of easy tricks.
Southern Shrimp BurgersFromScallops and Shrimp Hot Off the Grill
A good shrimp burger should be first and foremost about the shrimp. Our recipe features a moist yet still cohesive patty, ...
Sesame-Crusted Salmon with Lemon and GingerFromFavorite Ways with the Catch of the Day
For a rich, full-flavored coating, we looked to Japan—and the Middle East.
Grilled Fish TacosFromFavorite Ways with the Catch of the Day
For a fish taco that doesn’t require the mess of deep frying, we turned to the grill.
Shrimp Fra DiavoloFromSeafood Specials
For a dish that didn’t remind us of rubbery seafood in spicy marinara, we started by getting the shrimp’s briny flavor to ...
CioppinoFromSeafood Specials
Fish and shellfish piled high in a flavorful broth make this San Francisco stew a project. Could we simplify the shopping ...
Herb-Crusted SalmonFromSalmon and Latkes
For a crust both herby and crunchy, we had to take it apart in order to keep it together.
Oven-Steamed MusselsFromAt the Seafood Counter
Steamed mussels are quick and easy, with their own built-in, briny-sweet broth. So what’s the problem? Their stubborn refu...
Garlicky Roasted Shrimp with Parsley and AniseFromAt the Seafood Counter
Peeling shrimp before roasting them keeps things neat and tidy at the table—but are you throwing away the best part?
New England Lobster RollsFromGreat American Sandwiches
The sandwich is easy. The challenges are dealing with a live lobster and knowing when it’s properly cooked.
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